ASHA 2017 Takeaways and My Giveaway and a Mandate to Unplug


This is ASHA’s vision: “Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all.”

Communication is a human right. We connect with one another, discover who we are, and create the world we want to live in through our words, our deep listening to one another, and our nonverbal presence to each other. When we listen to someone else’s story, there is a part of us that recognizes our own story in theirs. When we cannot tell our stories, when our words are suppressed, we lose a vital part of our selves and our humanity.

The experience of burnout also causes us to lose a vital part of ourselves.

My session at ASHA was entitled, “Burnout Be Gone: Finding Wholeness Again.” I shared research on burnout, what contributes to it, and how to combat it, from the perspective of both the employee and the manager. At ASHA, I was privileged to hear stories from students, clinicians, and researchers from around the world who struggle with burnout.

Ultimately, they wanted to know: “What do I do?”

I created a “Finding Wholeness Again” resource sheet to share with those looking for research-backed ways to reclaim a sense of empowerment and joy in their lives.

Many items on this sheet are just plain common sense, like UNPLUG FROM TECHNOLOGY. That’s a biggie. You can just do that and start to feel more freedom again. There’s plenty of research to tell you why this is good for you, but come on, you already know that.

Email me if you’d like me to shoot you a copy of Finding Wholeness Again:

One caveat: This resource doesn’t work at all if you only read it. It only works if you actually do the suggested activities. Experiment with some of the ideas and see what happens.

Sometimes, little changes can tip the balance of life in your favor. Other times, major changes need to happen. By beginning to reclaim what makes you whole, you can get the energy and clarity to advocate for yourself and to make healthy decisions for your professional and personal life.

An experienced,  credentialed coach supports you in making transformational changes in your life. If you want extra help along this path, I have two openings in my coaching practice and am happy to talk with you. Want to see if coaching is a good fit for you? Contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat:

Now, get out there and have some fun.



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