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Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach in service of supporting you to clarify and achieve your dreams. In our coaching relationship, we explore your core values, what your “inner voice” is telling you, and ways that your choices are honoring – or not – this wisdom. We work together to establish goals that direct your energy towards achieving your best life. We set up a structure of accountability. And we tap your inner resources to support you as you work towards these meaningful goals.

When you enter a coaching relationship, you are making a commitment to live your life more fully, joyfully, and purposefully. You will draw upon your courage, intuition, and playfulness to discover and claim your life’s purpose. It’s a lot of work! With some fun, a-ha’s and laughter thrown in. And the payoff is more ease and energy in your daily life because you are living in harmony with who you truly are.

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People of all ages and from all walks of life sign up for coaching. They seek coaching because they:

  • Are facing a transition and want to make mindful choices about what is next

  • Feel stuck and are ready to explore new ways of living life more fully

  • Want to pursue specific goals and are looking for structure and accountability

  • Seek a deeper sense of clarity or balance

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This is the most common question I am asked. It is important to know that coaching is not therapy. There is not an assumption that something in you needs to be fixed. The coach does not give advice and does not analyze. In coaching, we leave the past behind. Coaching is present- and future-oriented.

The basis of our coaching relationship is this: I hold you as creative, resourceful and whole. We are equal partners in pursuit of your best life.

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To make an appointment you can contact me via email at Melissa@yourinnervoice.net or by phone, 757-408-1279.


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