In our household, we are feeling an empty spot that was once filled by World Cup Football – soccer to us Americans. And no wonder. Coverage for the once-every-four years tournament ran from Thursday, June 12th until the finals, Sunday, July 13th. We centered one month of our lives on this sport! (And I thought four nights a week of soccer practice for my son was intense….)

Best of all were the times when we witnessed why soccer is called The Beautiful Game. In those moments, we watched in awe as players created a stunning flow of passes that transported the ball from one end of the field to the other, ultimately creating the rare and perfect opportunity for their teammate to shoot an undefendable ball between the goal posts.

Ahh, the ecstasy, the relief, the celebration! All those years of training, drills, and sacrifice – not to mention the 90 minutes of play time – culminate into this one moment: The goal has been achieved! The player who scored, the player who assisted, the players who defended and moved the ball forward: they are all heroes!

So, as one who has spent a good part of my professional life helping others set and achieve goals, I wondered, “What do these players have to teach us about achieving goals?”

  1. It takes vision. To make it to the top of your game, whether that involves the corporate world, your personal life, or both, you start with a larger vision that reflects the fulfillment of your true purpose and joy. Your vision is resonant with who you are.

  2. You choose goals that help you fulfill your vision. With your resonant vision driving you, you are drawn like a magnet towards your goals. (This is very different from pushing yourself towards a goal.)

  3. You commit to your vision and to your goals. You prioritize your time and energy to recognize the importance of your goals and, ultimately, yourself.

  4. You are on a team that supports you. You share your goals with others who are pulling for your success. You reach out to others who can enhance your chances of success at meeting your goals.

  5. You celebrate your successes along the way. And you nail that goal. Run in a flying airplane circle, chest-bump your nearest teammate, dance your funky dance. You did it!

And the crowd goes wild… GOOOAAL!