Memorial Day


It is Memorial Day once again here in the USA. On this day, I love the connection with family and friends, the warm weather, the luxury of a day off to relax.

And, like you, I remember.

I am so deeply grateful to our service members and their families. We’ve all seen or visited Arlington National Cemetery and other military cemeteries, stark reminders of the depth and breadth of the ultimate sacrifice others have made for our country.

Their courage, commitment, and generosity of heart take my breath away.

In tribute to their bravery, I pause to ask myself, “What do I have the courage to commit to with conviction and generosity of heart? What do I stand for?”





And the certainty that each of us has an inner voice that is calling us and nudging us into our best selves when we take the time to listen.

How about you?

What comes to mind when you ask yourself, “What do I commit to with courage and generosity of heart? What do I stand for?”

Listen for the answers. There, my friend, is your gold. And the world most surely needs your precious gifts.

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