Writing that Inspired Me, End of Winter

I’m thinking of words that fueled me over the winter on this creative journey called Life.

In no particular order:

The Sports Page:

Yes, the real sports page in your newspaper. This is some of my favorite writing in our paper.

I love the creativity the writers bring. The imagery, the voice, and the sheer personality that shine through each sentence sweep me into the moment. Their moment. A game analysis, tournament prediction, or athlete spotlight bring me into the drama – the epic story – that comes with competing and giving it your all.

Sportswriters, I believe, have more license to write with flair and humor.

Lucky us, the really good ones do just that.


Big Magic, By Elizabeth Gilbert

I was skeptical about reading this book and checked it out of the library rather than buying it. I didn’t think I’d like it.

Heaven knows why.

I enjoyed Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love when it came out, even though, I admit, I judged and thought the author might be a high-maintenance kind of friend.

Well, I take it all back.

Liz Gilbert is the type of friend I want on my creative journey. I love her voice in Big Magic. She is both grounded about the grunt work required of creation and unapologetic about her non-mainstream beliefs surrounding inspiration.

Example of Grounded – A writing degree will not legitimize you as a writer. Writing will. So, get to it.

Example of Unapologetic Non-Mainstream – Ideas and inspiration float through the universe looking for a place to land. When one lands on you, you better take care of it – that’s your end of the deal. Sit down daily and do the work. Otherwise, the idea has full permission to leave you and alight on someone else.

There is much to learn about trusting your own creative process in Big Magic. I highly recommend that you check it out from the library yourself.

Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment, and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words, by David Whyte

I’ve just recently discovered the poetry and short works of David Whyte. Sigh. Simply exquisite. Every time I read from David Whyte’s Consolations, I am elevated. I think better, I have new wisdom, I write better. Swoon.

Here’s a taste.

“BESIEGED … is how most people feel most of the time: by events, by people, by all the necessities of providing, parenting or participating and even by the creative possibilities they have set in motion themselves, and most especially, a success they have achieved through long years of endeavor.”

He then goes on to offer respite and and a welcome reframing, leaving the reader united once again with what is good in this life. Ah, to touch our struggles, put them into words, and then lift us to a higher plane… Why did it take me so long to discover this writing?

Okay, that about does it for me for now…

I’d love to dive into more good reading this spring. What books are fueling your creative journey? What writing is inspiring you these days? Please share!

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